Thursday, March 1, 2012

Toilet Sealed and No More Leaks......I Hope!!

"Here I sit, all broken hearted, came to s.......Oops I better not continue.  A little toilet humor.

I received the new toilet flange and gasket a few days ago and opened the box and guess what......The wrong parts!!!  I was determined to make this flange work. The gasket was for a different manufacturer all together. I can't even try to make that thing work. I went across the street to the Ace Hardware store and started to explain my dilemma to the sales guy. After we were talking the same language we were able to get the parts I needed.

While we were discussing my situation, I noticed a similar flange on the shelf. I picked it up and sized it to the one I had and it matched up perfectly. Damn, who knew that the one in the trailer is a standard flange that you would use in a regular house. Keep that little tid bit in the back of your head if you have to do this job yourself.

The one thing that I didn't want to do was to glue pipe but life goes on. When I got home it was drizzling and I decided to wait until tomorrow to start the job. Tomorrow is here so it's time to get going. OK everybody go potty!!!  I turned off the water and proceeded to remove the toilet. After that I had to go outside and in the belly I had to cut the pipe and then removed the flange. If you remember I told you that this toilet had three different flanges and the one I have is the threaded type. I couldn't tell because it was covered up by the floor.

Now it was time to size everything up and dry fit it together. I cut my new piece to fit and then put the flange on. Crap!! The flange doesn't fit flush on the floor. I have to cut the floor to make it fit right. No problem and it fits great, minor adjustment. I squared up the flange so the toilet would be straight and screwed it to the floor. Now outside I dry fitted the elbow and marked it and did the same for the cut pipe. OK now it is time to glue it all up. That wasn't too bad and everything is going to plan. I gave it some time to let it all set and took a break.

Sherry cleaned the outside of the toilet and after that I went inside to tear up the carpet. We are going to put laminate wood flooring in there so the carpet had to go. It was nasty underneath. Before going on I cleaned the floor with bleach water and paper towels. I mounted the toilet and bolted it down, hooked up the water line and it was time to test it. Once the toilet was in place I stepped back and looked, it was turned to the right a bit. I guess I didn't square up the flange as good as I thought. Oh well can't do anything about that now. The water is on and it's time to flush the toilet. Yippee!!!!! No more water leaks. I put a towel down for now to soak up any water on the floor but it is drying up nicely.

It has been a couple of days now and the floor is all dryed up and no more towels soaking up water. I am waiting for the flooring to come in from Home Depot next week and then will tackle putting it down.

A little side note:  I would be taking pictures and posting them but my internet connection is very weak and I am afraid it would take all day just to load one pic. I may try one pic in the future just to see how long it takes to load. Look for the disadvantages of gate guarding in the next few days.

Until next time............Be safe.

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