Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pictures Maybe????

Here is our unit at the gate.
What I thought I would do today is try to post some pictures and see if it works. Now that was a stupid statement. If you are looking at this post then it worked, If you are not looking at this post then you have no idea what I was trying to do. Did that make any sence at all?? Here we go.

OK not exactly where I wanted to put the pic but at least it's here. OK lets try another one.

This is our generator, fuel for the generator and NON-potable water tank. The water tank holds 550 gallon and the fuel tank holds 200 gallons. OK now for the smelly trailer.

Here is our mini septic system trailer. It's a septic tank system above ground and works great. I dump into a smaller tank by my discharge and the pump takes over and I don't have anything to worry about. A sewer type system or a regular honey wagon once a week was necessary for us to be gate guards.

OK now it's time to post this puppy and see if it takes.

Until next time..........Be safe.


  1. Oh My Gosh, It Worked. I may have to try some more pictures now. Enjoy!!

  2. I was just happy that it worked. Do you think that I should push my luck and try it again? I have to give it a try.