Thursday, March 22, 2012

Frustrated, Fedup, Finally Finished

I have been trying for the last 3 or 4 days to upload some pictures to show you what has happened in the bathroom. The toilet is fixed with no leaks and I laid down the wood laminate floor. I think it looks great and Sherry likes it a bunch. It gave me great practice for when I lay down the flooring in the kitchen and living room.

I mentioned in one of my posts about the disadvantages of gate guarding and one of them is very poor or no internet signals. When I researched the "air card" for the laptop I figured it worked like a cell phone. If your cell has bars then the air card would have the same strength. I don't think so. I have since found out that the cell phone signals are different from the air card signals.

While being here at the gate I have encountered many people and talked to them about the amplifier or boosters. So with this new found information I went out to purchase a "Wilson" booster. Once I figured out how it worked there is still no difference with it on or off. I do have internet but it is spotty at best depending on the day. I am suppose to be able to get this "4LTE" signal but that hasn't happened at all. I checked on a booster for this signal and found out that there not on the market yet and when the do come out I am sure it is going to be very expensive. The small booster that I bought cost me over $200. We decided to keep it because I am sure it will work well in different locations.

I will gladly take any advice that you all may want to throw my way on how to get a stronger air card signal. Thanks.

Until next time..................Be safe.

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