Friday, January 15, 2010

We Are On Our Way

Hello and sorry for not getting back to this blog.
We have been pretty busy since the last time I posted. We finally moved out of the house on December 12th to a nearby RV park here in town.
We wanted to stay close to the kids for the holidays. Speaking of which, we celebrated our first Christmas here in the 5ver. It went very well. Here is our little four foot tree that we put up.

Our daughter Brianne had no problem with the tree her only worry was how was Santa Claus going to get into the trailer.

After Christmas we took a job running a fireworks stand for the first time. I parked the trailer next to the stand and it was very wet, swampy, and cold. Take a look for yourself what we had to deal with.

This job lasted through the New Year and we came back to the RV park that we were at before. We are now searching for another job around the southern states.

We are still modifying the trailer to our liking which I guess will always happen.

Well until next time be safe.