Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Beautiful Weather

Hello everyone and welcome back. I tilted this post for obvious reasons. The weather here in Branson has been wonderful. We have had some rain which is a nice change but the highs have been in the mid 80's and the lows around the low 60's. This is great weather for the up coming activities here at Compton Ridge. This weekend there is a convention called "The Fiddlers".

We have no idea what it is all about but they come here twice a year, spring and fall. We are hoping that there will be some time during the weekend that we can see and hear some of them. They are scheduled until Sunday. I am sure that we will get some pictures and once we do I will post them for all to see. We are looking forward to seeing them.

Yesterday, in preparation for the weekend, Roger asked us to help put up some canvass type covers. They were heavy and we managed to put up two of them. These covers are for the Fiddlers just in case it rains or just a place to sit and play the fiddle, I guess.

Here are a few pictures of us putting them up.

It may look like a disorganized mess but we were able to get them up with no body getting hurt.

It looks like in this picture that Roger is either hot and tired or he is thinking of what to do next or maybe he is thinking it is time for a beer.

We were able to get FREE tickets to go see the "Osmonds" last night. We have always wanted to see them and because of this job we finally did. There were 3 of them Wayne, Jay and Merill.
It was a great show and much fun to watch. Unfortunately we didn't think they would allow cameras in the theatre so we didn't get any pictures but we did buy the DVD of the show and a picture of us at the show. We got home around 11 so it made for a late night. Luckily we don't have to work today so everybody got to sleep in some.

Well not much more to say so until next time have a good one.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Unofficial End of Summer

Here we are at the end of the summer holidays with Labor day in the past. Compton Ridge Campground was packed for this last holiday along with the lodge as well. From what we can tell the lodge only had 4 rooms that were not rented and the hotel at the main campground were all filled. We have been working with Johnny and Ginny since Joel and Linda left. They come on at 11 am and ask us what needs to be done. We come on at 9:30 am so we have a jump on them and usually have a game plan figured out. Now John and Ginny are off on Sunday and Mondays and we are off on Tuesday and Wednesdays which leaves only 3 days for us to work together. 

On Sunday we had so many refreshes to do that I think we lost count. We were able to get them all done including doing a turn around. We were busy for sure. On Monday everybody checked out of the hotel and lodge. To make a long story short, we were able to clean all but ten rooms at the lodge and didn't get to the main campground at all. There is no rush get everything cleaned because nothing is being rented for awhile.

Yesterday we started Bri on her home school. She seemed excited about it and had a good time. She had spelling words, reading a book, built a squirrel feeder for science, and did some clock work. Oh and also sent her grandmother an email. We switch subjects on different days like today she will do some math as we didn't have math yesterday. The whole homeschooling takes about one to two hours. Now mind you we teach all the time when the opportunity arises.

Homeschooling was a no brainer when we decided to go full timing. We were not happy with the school district that Bri was in. We had an ace in the hole, my brothers, Tim and John both home schooled their children. We discussed the subjects and found the necessary books to work out of. Now Bri has started her second grade and will progress just fine.

Speaking of full timing, what do you look for on the inside and out? Well before buying I recommend going to inspect your RV after a rainy day and bring a flashlight. Why? Because you will be able to see if the roof leaks in the smallest areas. Inside you want to make sure the layout is to your liking and will be roomy for you. On the outside, my favorite part, look for tire tread as well as the date code to see how old the tires are. On our unit we had great tire tread but the tires were made in 1996. Too old! So we purchased four new tires. What else to look for, hot water heater for signs of leaking and look inside the cabinets for the heater as well for leaking. Climb on the roof if possible, no you need to see the roof. Check out the storage areas for enough room and leaks. What about the propane tanks and the battery(ies)? Looks like there is a lot of stuff here to learn I know that I had to. Maybe we can talk about that at a later time. So until next time have a good one.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Rain Has Come

Yesterday and the day before we had off from work. Thank goodness as there would have been nothing much for us to do. We go back today to get ready for this coming weekend and the weather is suppose to be just spectacular. Yesterday it rained for much of the day. It stopped just long enough for us to get the groceries in the truck and unloaded them into the trailer. We needed it and it was a nice change. They are forecasting more rain for today, so we will wait and see.

Tuesday night we had a potluck dinner we went to. I like to call it a monthly meeting with all of us and there just happens to be food there. I brought my famous potato salad, actually it is my mothers and grandmothers salad. There was plenty of food and company and it was all good.
I met up with Rachael and Daniel and talked with them for a while. They take care of cleaning the bathhouses here. They are the ones that workamp in a tent. Well good news they have purchased a tent trailer a few weeks back. They tell me that they are really enjoying the air conditioning. We will be taking over their job in November when they leave, so we will be working with them down the road to see what they do as far as their job.

Here is Daniel and Rachael. Great couple and easy to talk to. Good luck guys in your new RV.

Speaking of new RVs, how does one choose an RV to go on the road?
When Sherry and I decided that this type of life style will be in our future, we would go to shows mostly or take a day and go to different dealers.

So again how do you choose? A Pop-up, a Travel Trailer (Bumper pull), a Fifth wheel or a Motor home? You simply choose what will fit your needs is all that I can say. As you know in our case we chose the fifth wheel. 

We considered all the options, cost, room, living space, storage, kitchen, our bed position (that's a weird one), the bathroom setup, and so on. This home of ours fit our needs. OK now for the tough part, can I tow this beast.

The biggest thing that I have towed was our 26 foot bumper pull trailer. I think I have mastered that one pretty good, but a monster of a trailer like this fifth wheel.........Never! I have been told that once you pull a fifth wheel you will never go back to a bumper pull. Great but what about backing it in. When we bought the trailer and truck and got it home it took us about two hours trying to back this thing into the driveway. I thought what did I get myself into? With practice and getting advice I am a bit better at it.

In closing, consider all aspects of your choice no matter how silly it may be. Not only do we check out the inside make sure you check the outside as well. What do we check for there? How pretty the paint looks or are the tires still there and still black???  UUMMMMMMM.......

Until next time have a good one.