Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Beautiful Weather

Hello everyone and welcome back. I tilted this post for obvious reasons. The weather here in Branson has been wonderful. We have had some rain which is a nice change but the highs have been in the mid 80's and the lows around the low 60's. This is great weather for the up coming activities here at Compton Ridge. This weekend there is a convention called "The Fiddlers".

We have no idea what it is all about but they come here twice a year, spring and fall. We are hoping that there will be some time during the weekend that we can see and hear some of them. They are scheduled until Sunday. I am sure that we will get some pictures and once we do I will post them for all to see. We are looking forward to seeing them.

Yesterday, in preparation for the weekend, Roger asked us to help put up some canvass type covers. They were heavy and we managed to put up two of them. These covers are for the Fiddlers just in case it rains or just a place to sit and play the fiddle, I guess.

Here are a few pictures of us putting them up.

It may look like a disorganized mess but we were able to get them up with no body getting hurt.

It looks like in this picture that Roger is either hot and tired or he is thinking of what to do next or maybe he is thinking it is time for a beer.

We were able to get FREE tickets to go see the "Osmonds" last night. We have always wanted to see them and because of this job we finally did. There were 3 of them Wayne, Jay and Merill.
It was a great show and much fun to watch. Unfortunately we didn't think they would allow cameras in the theatre so we didn't get any pictures but we did buy the DVD of the show and a picture of us at the show. We got home around 11 so it made for a late night. Luckily we don't have to work today so everybody got to sleep in some.

Well not much more to say so until next time have a good one.


  1. Hey!! Sounds like things are going great. The tents aren't bad putting up and the fiddlers are fun to watch and listen to. Enjoy!! Guess I should say that this is Joel!!

  2. Hi Nick, Sherry and Bri, well, I keep looking at your blog but it hasn't changed for a few days...What's happening??? I'm interested!