Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Still HOT and Busy

The weather here has been very humid and hot with the temps being in the mid 90's and I think the humidity right up there with the temp. We had a cool front come through a day or two ago and it is back to normal with the temps being in the min 80's and low humidity, very nice.

We have survived the Woodcarvers convention and right after they left the Brothers of the Third Wheel came in, like the next day. So we were very busy with cleaning rooms and cabins. The laundry was piled up but we got it all done. Since the two conventions are over the lodge has quieted down and back to normal, what ever normal might be. The boss purchased 5 dozen new towels for us, so we will probably start to out fit the cabins with towels now and when someone rents a cabin we will put the rest of the linens in at that time. We still need more wash cloths and hand towels to complete this project.

In my last post I kind of went on a rant about some of the people that we work with. I am still trying not to offend anyone or ask them to do anything. It is strange though that when people do want to help all they want to do is clean maybe one or two rooms and do laundryNow we have people asking us not to do laundry so they have something to do after we are off. I am sorry but we are not going to do that.

We have a golf cart problem as well. It appears that there are not enough to go around. We rarely have one for our use so we are unable to get things done. I don't even bother asking for one for fear of pissing somebody off and they go cry to the boss. Example a couple of days ago we had two campers come over here to the North park. We are to escort them to their sight so the owner, Robert called me to do it but I had no golf cart and I told him that. Another worker had to come over from the Main park to take care of the campers. The golf cart that we were suppose to use was at the main park not being used.

In general one of my pet peeves is "Lack of Consideration" for your fellow man or in this case fellow worker. There is a lot of this going on this year here in Branson.

Until next time be safe.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Things Are Getting HOT!!!!

Well besides the weather, the place is getting very busy. Since my last posting we have had the cabins rented almost every weekend and the lodge rooms I would say about half have been rented as well.

We have everybody here now with one couple doing housekeeping with us and two other couples working the office in the lodge, one of them help us out when they can. Right now the Woodcarvers are here which takes up most of the lodge. Now that is not to bad but they will be checking out this coming weekend and right after that, like the next day, The Brothers of the Third Wheel will be here for a week. They are a motorcycle group that ride three wheelers.

I am really confused on some issues when it comes to dealing with people. We all had a training day and all were shown how to do things here and what to do, but it seems that some don't understand the simplest of things. They have been told to do this after you clean rooms and do that but they just don't , won't or can't do it. What we have established here just seems to make it easier for everybody but all I see is making it harder for them and everybody else. Now I know as we get older our brain isn't like it use to be but we can still take notes. We have shelves that are marked where things go but I still find things in the wrong place. Very frustrating. Is this what I have to look forward to when I get their age?

When I reach "The Golden Years" will I lose the ability to read, recognize different colors, not follow simple instructions or not care for your fellow worker? If this is the case then I don't want to be around anybody at all. So put me in a room until I die.

Until next time, be safe.