Friday, March 26, 2010

Terrible Fire!

Hello There,

Well we have been here almost three weeks and started working here for about the last two weeks. Sherry and I have been very busy. She has been trained to work in the office/store taking care of customers and I have been basically painting the rental trailers they have and other projects. They are changing the color scheme here at the park so everything is being painted. I will be so happy when this painting is over with.

About two days ago we had a major fire that consumed three trailers and the surrounding fixtures. The blaze was so intense that the heat from the fire warped and melted homes across the street. The Fire Marshall is doing an investigation to find out what started the fire. It started in a vacant home so we have no clue how it started. Of course you can never rule out arson. But we have no idea.

Nobody was injured just the homes burnt to the ground. One lady stays here all time and her home was a total loss. We were very happy to know that she was not at home at the time of the fire.

Things have calmed down some now and we are preparing for a fishing tournament that will be happening this weekend. i will be continuing with the painting and Sherry will be in the store for the next two days. So until next time........................

Saturday, March 13, 2010

We Made It To Our First Job

The time for getting on the road had finally came. We landed a summer job in Bracey, Virginia, which is in southern Virginia just about four miles north of North Carolina.

We took off from Tomball, Texas on March 3rd and planned at least a week to two weeks to get to Virginia. We wanted plenty of time for weather and road conditions. Our first stop was just outside of Baton Rouge at a RV Park called Maxies RV Park. The rates were reasonable at about $17.00. We stayed one night and moved on the next day.

We planned to travel about 200 to 250 miles a day. The next stop was at Payne's RV Park at Theodore, Alabama. The fees for this park came in at about $24.00. This was a real nice place with pull throughs so I didn't have to worry about backing in. One of my favorite things to do. Yea Right!!!! we woke up and on the road again. Hey that sounds like a good name for a song.

Brianne was a good trooper in the truck. She had her dvd's and an electronic game of some sort. Mom packed her a lunch everyday and she watched movies and wanted to know when lunch was at 9:00 in the morning. I have no idea where she puts it.

We travelled across Alabama into Auburn and stayed at a place called Leisure Time Campground. We missed the turn off into their park but turned around and found it with no problem. This place had pull throughs (Thank God) with cable. First time for us and it was neat. They had a softball diamond field and we got to watch fast pitch softball games in the evening. The weather was beautiful and the road conditions were not that bad.

The next morning we did our routine with Bri's help and back on the road for our next leg. Now we are getting excited because we are entering into South Carolina. This brought us to a state park called Lake Hartwell State Park. The site that we got was a pull through as well, how sweet can this be. We decided to stay 2 nights and take a break from travelling and build Bri a fire. The site wasn't all that good but we have been in worst. Very relaxing place. Well now it is Monday morning and time to go. One more night and we will be in Virginia.

Our travels today take us through and up to the norther part of North Carolina to a place called Golden Pond Campground. Unfortunately i had to back into our site there. The roads inside the park are somewhat narrow to say the least. This site cost us $25.00 a night and the only good thing that warrant that cost is that they had a stocked fishing pond. We all practiced our casting while we were there.

We woke up and got things in order and took off for our final destination in Bracey Virginia. We pulled into the park at about 1:30 or so and met with the managers and then was escorted to our sight. Not the mos level site in the world but we made do. So far we have met some of the nicest people and will be meeting more tonight because the is a dance that we will be attending.

Well that is about it for now. I will be trying to keep you all informed of our job and activities as we stay here for the next 8 months.

Have a good one and until next time.