Friday, March 26, 2010

Terrible Fire!

Hello There,

Well we have been here almost three weeks and started working here for about the last two weeks. Sherry and I have been very busy. She has been trained to work in the office/store taking care of customers and I have been basically painting the rental trailers they have and other projects. They are changing the color scheme here at the park so everything is being painted. I will be so happy when this painting is over with.

About two days ago we had a major fire that consumed three trailers and the surrounding fixtures. The blaze was so intense that the heat from the fire warped and melted homes across the street. The Fire Marshall is doing an investigation to find out what started the fire. It started in a vacant home so we have no clue how it started. Of course you can never rule out arson. But we have no idea.

Nobody was injured just the homes burnt to the ground. One lady stays here all time and her home was a total loss. We were very happy to know that she was not at home at the time of the fire.

Things have calmed down some now and we are preparing for a fishing tournament that will be happening this weekend. i will be continuing with the painting and Sherry will be in the store for the next two days. So until next time........................


  1. Glad to see you guys are settling in and getting to work. Looks like to me Sherry got the better end of the I'm glad everybody was ok with the fires. Thanks for sharing your post and keeping us updated on what's happening in Virgina!

  2. Hope you guys are OK...Haven't heard from you in a while....must be busy. Do you have wifi there?...Try to drop us a line...would really like to hear from you and what all is going on.