Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Autumn Is Here!!

One of my favorite times of the year has to be Autumn. The leaves change color and the cool temps especially after a very warm and humid summer. It is just great. The weather around here has been beautiful with the highs in the lower 70's and the morning lows in the 40's. It does get a little crazy on what to wear though, jacket in the morning and then have to take it off by noon. Boy I wish I had that problem all year.

OK I haven't been on for awhile so there is a lot to talk about so let's get to it. A few weeks ago the campground hosted a group called the Fiddlers. What this group does is get together twice a year and basically play music. Call it one big jam session. I wasn't able to get any pictures but I did get one at a dance they had. I can't remember the group's name.

They were pretty good and they had a good time with the crowd. Sherry and I started dancing  and we actually forgot some of our moves. Boy did we look bad. I guess we will practice more often.

We all got the opportunity to go to a show called the "Dixie Stampede". It's a dinner show. The show consists of a type of musical between the North and South with song and horses and wagons. The food was great. Let me tell you what you get; A whole chicken, a slice of pork, a baked potato, a roll, a bowl of soup, soft drinks and a apple fritter for dessert. Everybody gets this menu including Brianne. The best part is there is no silverware to use. Use your hands and plenty of napkins. Everything was served hot and it was all good.

We have started homeschooling with Bri and she is doing quite well. We had the best science class served up by mother nature herself. This month we are studying spiders and we had the perfect opportunity to see what happens when a stick bug got caught up in a web. I took some pictures of what happened.

As you can see the spider took the stick bug from the ground and then finally wrapped it up in its web. Brianne was very interested in what was going on and asked a lot of questions. Great class.

Work around here has been steady. Our help around here is starting to leave for the winter. Johnny and Ginny, who was helping us in house keeping left back in September. Greg and Karen, who take care of the plants and grounds left this past week. Here is their picture.

They are a great couple and will be back next year. Brianne calls them Mr. and Mrs. Garden. Bobby and Maggie will be leaving sometime early next week and also will be back next year. here they are.

As you can see Maggie is somewhat of a character and fun to talk to. I think I have covered everyone that is leaving in the near future.

We are staying pretty busy with just the two of us cleaning. If we need help we can get Daniel and Rachal to help. We try not to leave any rooms to carry over to the next day but sometimes it is too much to get done in one day. The busiest days are Sunday and Monday and then we are off on Tuesday and Wednesday. Coming up in about two weeks is the "Wood Carvers" and they are to rent most of the lodge rooms so we will be busy most of the week. They are scheduled to start coming in on a Thursday and stay for about a week. Now this leaves most of the checkouts on a Thursday or Friday which means that Sherry and I just might get the lodge cleaned before our days off. I don't know but we will wait and see.

I think I have covered what has been happening so until next time have a good one.


  1. Great pictures Nick. Glad the weather is cooling off, this summer was quite warm. I'm kind of surprised that it is still busy, must have changed from last year....Have a great winter..

  2. I'm still waiting for a new post Nick!!!