Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Rain Has Come

Yesterday and the day before we had off from work. Thank goodness as there would have been nothing much for us to do. We go back today to get ready for this coming weekend and the weather is suppose to be just spectacular. Yesterday it rained for much of the day. It stopped just long enough for us to get the groceries in the truck and unloaded them into the trailer. We needed it and it was a nice change. They are forecasting more rain for today, so we will wait and see.

Tuesday night we had a potluck dinner we went to. I like to call it a monthly meeting with all of us and there just happens to be food there. I brought my famous potato salad, actually it is my mothers and grandmothers salad. There was plenty of food and company and it was all good.
I met up with Rachael and Daniel and talked with them for a while. They take care of cleaning the bathhouses here. They are the ones that workamp in a tent. Well good news they have purchased a tent trailer a few weeks back. They tell me that they are really enjoying the air conditioning. We will be taking over their job in November when they leave, so we will be working with them down the road to see what they do as far as their job.

Here is Daniel and Rachael. Great couple and easy to talk to. Good luck guys in your new RV.

Speaking of new RVs, how does one choose an RV to go on the road?
When Sherry and I decided that this type of life style will be in our future, we would go to shows mostly or take a day and go to different dealers.

So again how do you choose? A Pop-up, a Travel Trailer (Bumper pull), a Fifth wheel or a Motor home? You simply choose what will fit your needs is all that I can say. As you know in our case we chose the fifth wheel. 

We considered all the options, cost, room, living space, storage, kitchen, our bed position (that's a weird one), the bathroom setup, and so on. This home of ours fit our needs. OK now for the tough part, can I tow this beast.

The biggest thing that I have towed was our 26 foot bumper pull trailer. I think I have mastered that one pretty good, but a monster of a trailer like this fifth wheel.........Never! I have been told that once you pull a fifth wheel you will never go back to a bumper pull. Great but what about backing it in. When we bought the trailer and truck and got it home it took us about two hours trying to back this thing into the driveway. I thought what did I get myself into? With practice and getting advice I am a bit better at it.

In closing, consider all aspects of your choice no matter how silly it may be. Not only do we check out the inside make sure you check the outside as well. What do we check for there? How pretty the paint looks or are the tires still there and still black???  UUMMMMMMM.......

Until next time have a good one.

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