Friday, March 16, 2012

Wrapping It Up..........We Think!

Here at the gate the traffic has really dropped off. Last week I noticed that Sherry had no traffic at all during the night for about 3 nights in a row. I asked one of the land owners if it was possible to close the gate around ten and he said he didn't have a problem with it. So now we close at ten and open at five or so.

Last Sunday we only had 5 people come in the whole day. After logging in over 180 people a day in the past, it was weird to only have 5. Well it gave me some time to work on the flooring in the bathroom. That's another story down the road when I get it finished.

We are not sure when they will cut us loose but we told them that we will be leaving at the end of March. We will be heading for the Houston area to be with our son and daughter-in-law. They recently had a baby girl and there are problems with the child and they have asked us to be with them to help with their other children. We don't know how long we will be there but Sherry has said that we will be there for as long as it takes to get the baby well.

We have told our Field Supervisor and he is working on getting us replacements for the gate. We don't have any idea how long this will take but I told him we have to leave no later than April 1st. I am hoping that it will be sooner than that.

I think that I might cut it short today and not bore you with a long post. So.................

Until next time..................Be safe.

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