Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Disadvantages of Gate Guarding

The day is starting out to be a gorgeous day with the highs only to be in the middle 70's. Cool mornings and evenings and nice in the afternoon. As promised here are the disadvantages of gate guarding as we see it.

1. The Dirt and Dust:  The dirt road that leads back to the wells is made out of what they call "calachie" ( I think that's how you spell it.). When dry this stuff produces a fine powder that will inundate your RV. It will be everywhere even if the windows are closed.

2.  Rain:  I don't mind when it rains but out here it becomes a mud soup. It does keep the dust down but now you have it in your RV. We cannot pull out our awning because it would be out too far and the trucks would hit it plus the wind would rip it off as well.

3.  No Cell or Internet Service:  I guess you might say that we are fortunate enough to get some kind of service here. You may find yourself in an area that is so remote that you won't get a single bar and that is with some kind of booster.

4.  No Town in Sight:  We are only 16 miles from the nearest town and 50 miles from Laredo. There are some gates that can put you right next door to a busy town or some where you may have to travel several miles to get anything and the prices are expensive.

5.  Drinking Water: You have to provide your own drinking water. The water that is supplied for you is for bathing and such but not consuming it. When we started thinking about this job we started to buy gallon bottles and had a nice stock pile. You usually can find a water dispensing machine and get water there. One dollar for five gallons is not bad but just one more hassle.

6.   Prepare to be Bored:  If you are a busy type of person then you better find something to do. The gate always have to be manned and the days and nights can get pretty long. Find yourself a hobby or something to do because if you don't be prepared to be bored.

7.  Up and Down, Up and Down:  I have to go to the bathroom, sounds normal enough until when you get started and you hear the bell go Ding Ding. Or its time for dinner, I have been looking forward to this meal all day. Ding Ding, Damn, a bunch of trucks just came in and now when you are finished the dinner is cold. Enough said.

8. RV Needs Repairs: Where we are at the nearest RV store I think is in San Antonio. You would think that there would be something in Laredo, nope, nothing that I can find. If you are not handy with tools or comfortable doing major or minor repairs on your RV you are out of luck. Or should I say good luck getting a repair guy out where ever you are.

9.  No Training:  I have talked to some other gate guard people and found out that they had about as much training as we did. It consisted of telling us how to fill out the log sheet and that was it. No more than just that. You are left in a state of confusion and not sure who to let in and what your limits are. Our supervisor never has checked in with us to see how we are doing. I guess this is normal.

10.  The Wildlife:  I know that I put this one as an advantage but recently we have had reports of rattlesnakes all around. A worker showed me one that he killed. It had to be at least 7 to 8 feet long and at least 3 inches in diameter. There are also wild hogs in this area as well so you better be careful and watch where you take your next step. Did I mention the coyotes?

Well looky there, the advantages and the disadvantages cancel each other out. I did that on purpose so you can make up your own mind on this type of job. We are all different types of people and always never see eye to eye on certain things. Everything that we do is determined by what fits us the most at that particular time in our life. Enjoy what ever you choose to do and safe.

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