Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Advantages of Gate Guarding, Are There Any?

Today looks like it is going to be a nice, beautiful day. No clouds, rain or high winds, with the temp reaching up to the lower 70's. I guess you can't beat that.

Sherry and I were talking last night about what the advantages of gate guarding would be. Let me list what we think are some.

1. The Pay. The basic rate is $125 a day with the company we are with. Some companies that I have heard and read about start at $150 to $175 a day. If you are fortunate enough to get a gate that is concidered a main one like us then you would get paid more.

2.  South Texas Weather. We don't like snow or ice so going south was ideal to us. In the winter months this is the place to be. It does have its days where a heavy jacket comes in handy but for the most part it isn't bad. We have had days were the temp has reached into the middle 80's and it is still February.

3.  The Freebies.  We have received all kinds of food. We have been given steaks, catered food, and even deer sausage. One of the land owers even has given us a DVD movie called "Giant". The story was based on the area we are in. May not be a very good advantage but we thought it was nice.

4.  The People. We have met some real nice peolpe here at the gate. The workers come and go and if they are just going to town to get a few things they always ask, "Do you need anything from town?" When I bought our new air conditioner we had help from the guys to get it up onto the roof.

5.  The Sunrise and The Sunset.  I am originally from Arizona and we got some pretty awsome sunrises and sets. Here in south Texas it reminded me of Arizona when watching the sunsets, very pretty. Again may not be an advantage but we sure enjoy them.

6.  No Boss Around.  Have you ever had a job where the boss is always breathing down your neck? Well not here. You are placed at a gate and nobody ever bothers you. Now if you need something or have a problem you just give him a call and things are taken care of.

7.  Solitude and Quiet.  What I mean, is there is nobody to talk to except the truck drivers. No politics, gossiping or back stabbing like you might get at another job. Quiet in the middle of the desert, if you like that sort of thing.

8.  Learning Something New.  If you have never been in the oil field business, then this is very interesting. We never knew that any of this was ever going on. I was amazed that they can drill over 4 to 5 miles deep and then turn right. How does that happen with steel pipe?? MMMMM, makes you think.

9.  Fuel Savings.  This one might be a stretch but I am going to list it. Since you are manning the gate at all times, you really don't go anywhere. I put in about $50 every two weeks to get me back and forth from Laredo. Not bad I think.

10.  The Wildlife.  So far we have seen rabbits, deer and roadrunners. What we have been told that was out here but yet to see are wild hogs, bobcats and rattlesnakes. I don't like rattlesnakes but I have yet to see one in the wild. You are now thinking this guy is totally nuts. Sometimes.

Well that's about all that I can think of for now but like I said before, this is what we think that are advantages. I am sure people that read this may think otherwise, which is fine by us.

Until next time.............Be safe.


  1. Great post. Thanks for the insight.

  2. Thanks, look for the disadvantages coming up in the next few days. I wonder which list will be longer.

  3. Very interesting Nick. Sounds like a good job, maybe better than cleaning???