Sunday, February 12, 2012

I'm Still Here Alive and Well

I know that it has been awhile since my last post and I am sorry for that but I will try to get you caught up on what's been happening.

We finished up at Branson at the end of November. We were by ourselves for the longest time until they hired a brother sister team to give us some help. We were only able to work with them for about two weeks before we left. It is my understanding that they will be back next season. This past summer has been a trying time for us. The biggest thing that happened was that the ac unit took a dive. I called a repair guy and he was able to patch a hole and recharge the unit. That lasted for only about a month so I called him again and he never made it back out. So we have been without air conditioning since September. Luckily fall came and so did the cool air. During the cool months of fall we needed to use the furnace a time or two. I noticed that when I turned on the furnace the fan would start but no heat. Great no ac and now no heat what could go wrong next?????

During our stay at Compton Ridge we have been talking to some of our friends about a job they took last winter. The job is Gate Guard. What that means is that in the oil field business usually when there is a rig drilling they hire people to man a gate and log people in and out of the area. They told us that you have to be a licensed security officer with the state of Texas and they pay very well. The starting pay is $125.00 a day. Just so you know "a day" means 24 hours. So you have to be up or someone has to be up 24 hours. If you are by yourself I don't see how you could do it. JMHO.

One of my biggest concerns was how did they contend with the black water tank. Our friends said that they had a honey wagon come out once every two weeks. I am thinking that this won't work for us. The gate guard companies do provide a generator, fuel for the generator and "non-potable" water. OK not so bad we can get drinking water at 125 dollars a day, but I still don't think we can do the black water dump once every two weeks, not going to happen. Sherry and I continued to discuss the opportunity and our friends told us about a gate guard company called Gate Guard Services.

I contacted the company and the lady said that they are hiring and they provided the generator, water, fuel and a sewer type system. Not sure how it worked but really didn't care. They also provided us with all the paperwork needed to get our license. How cool is that. With this information now it was a done deal that Sherry and I would be Gate Guards working for this company. We got all of our paperwork, filled it out and sent it back to them before we left Branson. There were a few hiccups with the paperwork but was ironed out with no problem. So we left Branson around the beginning of December and started to head south to Texas. We were told once we got to Texas we were to call the company and let them know we were in Texas and they would give our phone number to the proper people to place us at a gate, so we thought.......until next time be safe. 


  1. Great update. We are looking forward to hearing more.

    1. Glad you liked it Mountainborn there will be more as long as my internet connection holds out. It is nice to hear that the postings get out and somebody actually reads them. Thanks again.