Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I'm Still Here Alive and Well Pt. 2

Well lets see, where did I leave off..........Oh yeah, in Texas.

We arrived at an RV park just north of Nacogdoches, TX on US Highway 59. We did call the main office like I said before and gave our number to them and she said that someone would be calling us about a gate. Lets say this was on a Monday. Nobody called us until the next day, which just so happened to be my birthday. Wait a minute, somebody did call us on Monday and he said that there might be work in north Texas since we were close. He also said that he gave our number to someone in Henderson, TX which was just north of where we were by about 45 miles.

Needless to say he did not call and we were not sure what to do. Now on Tuesday we finally made contact with the guy in Henderson and he said that he didn't have any gates available but we could go up there to their compound and stay there until something came open. Great don't have to pay for a site. We started to pack up and I was bringing in the last container when the district manager for the southern TX area called me and wanted to know what we were doing. I told him that we were heading to Henderson and he said that we might have better luck securing a gate job if we headed south. Sherry and I talked about it and since this was the original plan we decided to head south. Once on the road the field supervisor called me and asked if we could be at a gate by Thursday morning and I told him where we were and I said yes. So off to south TX and a gate guard job. Boy things sure move fast in this business.

We stayed at a nice park for the night and was reasonable, didn't even unhook it was a pull through. I called the district manager and asked if we could stay at their Whitsett, TX location for the night and then drive to the gate the next morning and he said he was fine with that, so off to Whisett, TX for our next stop. We found the place with no trouble and pulled into their compound. You see this company has 3 different locations in south TX and all of them have about 4 RV sites with full hook-ups for the people at no cost, pretty cool uh???

We got settled and we talked to a nice lady who ran the office there and she knew we were coming to stay there. Once settled I asked about where we could get some groceries and Sherry and I and Bri went shopping. We were excited and relaxed to finally be so close to our first gate guard job.

The next morning the lady said that we needed to be at the gate at 8 and now it is 8:30. Mmmm this ain't good. I hooked up and we were on our way with directions on how to get there. We arrived at what we thought was the right place, sewer and generator trailers there and some kid signing trucks in and out. He told me where to park the trailer and he would start to hook us up to the sewer and generator. He showed Sherry what to do on the paperwork, a no brainer, and she started working. I continued with the trailer while the kid, once he got things hooked up, took off. NO real training at all you pretty much take control of the gate until someone says otherwise. We know that this is a main gate to a bunch of stuff back there and it is a 24/7 type job, by the way we weren't told any of this, we just figured it out on our own. You tend to ask a lot of questions. DING, DING UH OH I have to go and sign someone in, until next time be safe.


  1. Cool ! Good report, we are following with intrest.

  2. I am glad that you are enjoying it. I will have more later. Thanks for looking. Tell your friends to check it out. See ya!

  3. Well Nick I finally looked up your blog and this is the last entry and I enjoyed all your reports. Have fun!