Saturday, May 19, 2012

"On The Road Again...."

I titled this post for obvious reasons. Sherry and I have decided to start traveling again. The baby is doing well with no recent incident and Bri has been just fine. We talked about getting on the road again because we have done about everything that we could here in Dickinson, TX and getting the "itch'n to hitch" feeling.

We both feel that wherever we go we should be within a one day travel in case something goes wrong with the baby and the kids need us. So we left Dickinson and headed for San Antonio for a while which is where we are now.

We got here last Monday and just in time before a major rain storm hit that night. We are staying at an RV park called Hidden Valley which is south of town off of I35. It is a nice place with gravel sites but have many residents here as well. That rain storm dropped 4 inches of rain here and flooded out the septic tank. To prevent water from backing up we disconnected the sewer hose. We went to the Alamo that day and by the time we got back that afternoon the water had receded and everything was fine.

The mosquitoes are terrible but tolerable. We had a little visitor a couple of days ago which was a giant stick bug.

As you can see this sucker was big so I just left him alone and let him do his thing. To find out later I figured what his thing was. Some how, don't know how either, he found his way into the trailer by the door. Sherry was standing by the door looking out when she looked up and saw the stick bug. She quickly moved away and got my attention so not to alarm Brianne. I did the "Man" thing and evicted the creature out the door. I don't care for them either.

We had the opportunity to go out to dinner with my niece last night. She is in the Air Force and is stationed here in San Antonio. We went to a steak house and had a wonderful time. She gave us her plans and invited us back next time we are in town.

We plan on leaving Monday and start to head north, not sure where but just north. So......

Until Next Time..................Be Safe.

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