Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Are You Lost???

This is a very interesting question. Have you ever been lost? I would have to say yes in the general sense of the word. Here is my definition of being lost.

You are only "lost" when you start to panic. If you don't panic then you are only temporary misplaced.

One time my oldest daughter called and said she was lost. She was heading home from work and got turned around somehow. I asked her what road she was on and then asked where the sun was. She said it was behind her and then I told her to turn around so the sun would be in her face. Basically she was heading east when she should have been heading west. Once I told her this I hung up. She called mom and complained that I hung up on her. Mom asked what did I say to do and she said dad told me to turn around and she did. Mom stayed on the line with her until she started to recognize her surroundings. When she called I was right in the middle of teaching a class, get this, the class I was teaching was on GPS.

GPS (Global Positioning Sensor or System) is such a wonderful device. Turn it on and away you go. I use mine often on our travels. Depending on the model type you have I can find just about anything in the city we are in. Even Bri says, "Daddy you can find it just follow the arrows." Does the GPS takes the place of regular maps?

I guess that depends on who you talk to. I still have my Atlas in the truck and also a mapping program on the laptop which is what I use the most. I do believe that there are some people out there that don't know how to read a map but can work a program on the computer with no problems. Maybe having to fold the map might scare them.

I first map out our trip on the computer and then start to find street addresses to log into the GPS. Once I have that saved I am ready to go. I also log in the places that we like and save them for future reference. Some GPS have voice directions on them but I don't need some voice telling me that I made a wrong turn. I turned the voice off on my unit.

Today's technology has come a long way to make our lives easier. Centuries ago captain's of ships navigated by the stars and today we navigate by the GPS. Most cities you can't even see the stars. So next time someone asks have you ever been lost you might say now no just temporary misplaced.

Untl Next Time........................Be Safe.

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