Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Being Inventive and Frugal

When gate guarding you really don't have time to go and do shopping, run up to the little market or anything of the matter. Well you do get your groceries, maybe go to the bank and get the necessities. I haven't mentioned doing the laundry yet.

We like to keep our quarters that we save during the year. Sherry and I decided that we can do laundry ourselves. Stop and think about it, you may sweat and collect dust, what else? Now some of you that will be reading this may say that we are crazy and basically EEEEEEWWWWWW!

Here is our washing machine.

and the insides:

What Sherry does is fill the bucket with water and soap, then uses the plunger as the agitator. In case you are thinking what I think you are thinking, the plunger was bought new just for this purpose.

She then rinses the clothes and I hang them up outside. I may ring them out with a little help from my ladder. I loop a towel for example around the ladder and start to twist it to help get more of the water out. We hang them out to dry and there you have it. Now I will give you that their not as soft like in a dryer but it works for us.

It may not be a typical washing machine and dryer but think about when your grandmother or your mom doing laundry when you were a kid. Or how about back in the depression or earlier, how do you think they did laundry?

This helped us to save our quarters, fuel to the laundry mat and time. So

Until Next Time..................Be Safe.

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