Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"It Won't Happen To Me".....But It Did!

Who would have ever thought that something like this could ever happen to me?

When we left the gate, as I mentioned before, we went to Laredo for five days. We decided to splurge a little and go out for dinner a few times. Sherry never left the gate for fear of getting lost so Bri and I did all the running around, she deserved it.

The second night we were there we all went to Olive Garden for dinner and it was great. Sherry got her usual, Chicken Alfredo, Bri got her cheese pizza and I got this steak parmesan cheese thing. Everybody enjoyed their meal.

A few nights later we all went to a steak house that was recommended by some of the workers we talked to at the gate. It was called "The Texas Roadhouse". I don't remember what we all had but boy it sure was good. We all had our fill and decided to check out a few stores around the area before we went back to the park.

A day or two has pasted when I decided to check some emails and noticed that there was one from our bank. I opened it up, made sure it was from them and it said that there was some unusual activity on our account and it was frozen. I called them immediately to find out what the problem was.

The lady from the bank told me that someone made charges on our account from ITunes for $49.99, not once but twice. She also told me that it accured around two in the morning. We discussed the charges and told her that I was in bed at that time and the card was in my possession. She said that we were covered and not to worry because the bank would do an investigation and I would be getting my money back.

Upon further discussion with the bank I was told that I would be went paperwork that we needed to fill out, sign and send it back to them. In the mean time the money was credited back to our account and now everything is fine.

Sherry and I talked about how could have this happened. We discussed where we went and when we used the card. We determined that someone must have "swiped" our card in one of those card type readers at one of the restaurants that we visited. We don't know for sure but this was the only time that our card was not visible to us.

From now on when we decide to go out for dinner or anytime that we think the card will not be visible to us we bring cash to pay for it. Lucky for us that our bank took care of us and was watching our bank account and froze it when they did, we could be broke now.

Just when you think that it won't happen to you...................You better think again!

Until next time..................Be safe.

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  1. Oh bummer. I hate if when people are dishonest :-(