Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Bathroom Floor is Finished

Here is a quick update on what we are doing. We went to Laredo and stayed at a nice state park called Casa Blanca State Park. It was very reasonable and quiet. We stayed for five nights and left today heading towards the Houston area. We are currently staying at Goliad State Park and it too is reasonable and has pull through sites, what a blessing.

Now for the flooring with pictures. When I put in the in toilet flange I ripped out the carpet, knowing that I would be putting in the new flooring.

As you can see closely there were some water stains and the carpet was just terrible. I let it dry some and vacuumed up all the loose ends. I decided to leave the toilet in place and work around it with the flooring. The worst part of the job was behind the toilet with the vent hole and the water ling feeding the toilet, but at least the planks were only about 5 inches in width.

Well we are making progress. Laying the flooring around the toilet was a little bit more of a problem than I thought. One would think cutting around a round abject would be a no brainer but not so. The angles were a pain in the a**! But with a lot of mistakes and boards I was able to get it somewhat right.

Well after a lot of mis-cuts and wasted boards here is the final project. I think it looks great for my first time at laying flooring of this nature but the real test is that the wife said that a pro came in and did it. Thanks Hun!!

I have wanted to post this for a long time now and I am glad that I have been able to include pictures. I hope that you enjoy this and ....................

Until next time.................Be safe.


  1. Thanks, it wasn't hard but figuring out the angles is not one of my best features. I learned a lot to get ready to do the living and kitchen areas.