Saturday, April 14, 2012

Baby Time!

We have arrived here in Dickinson, Texas last Friday. The park that we are staying at is all part of a major community. Our stay here is undetermined at this time. The baby appears to be doing fine and, to me, looks fine. She eats and sleeps most of the time so Sherry gets plenty of baby time.

Their middle child is Jordan. She is about one and a half years and is a handful. She is cute as a button and had soooo much energy. Where do these kids get it? It must be in the water.

Let me take you back to the gate. While we were there, the one thing that seemed to get talked about the most was this:

Well here it is a small barbecue. This is an actual Weber barbecue which will cook a package of hot dogs or a few small burgers. It won't handle a large steak but we know how to cook that and it won't be on this little thing.

You wouldn't believe how many people commented on this little thing. Someone even offered to buy it from us but I couldn't bare to sell it. You see Sherry bought it at a second hand store many years ago because she said it was "cute". Paid 12 bucks for it. When it came time to pack up to go full timing she brought it along, I just shook my head. We currently use it for an ash tray outside. It does have the grills for the food and charcoal and even tongs as well.

Until next time...................Be safe.

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