Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Here it is the third week of August and the weather has finally cooled down some. This is great because we are on vacation for this week. We have some things that we will be doing and the weather couldn't be any better.

On Sunday we went to the "Butterfly Palace". It is a rain forest type place with a bunch of butterflies. Here are a few of them.
It was a great place but kind of pricey. Thank goodness we got a discount. Towards the end Bri and the butterflies didn't seem to get along to well so we left and went to get some lunch.

Yesterday we went to a place called the "Toy Museum". This place was great. Every type of toy that you probably played with was there. I think we were there about two hours. We saw a video about a famous author, Harold Bell Wright who wrote the book called "The Shepard of the Hills" which is about the surrounding area and Branson. I bought the book and actually plan on reading it.
We have been trying to get a hold of Sherry's sister but she has not returned our calls. We plan on going to visit with her but we have no idea how to get to her place. We are going to try again and maybe go see her today.

Well that's it for today so until next time have a good one.


  1. Gorgeous butterflies, fantastic pictures, look forward to MORE!

  2. Love your web site, my wife and I only live 125 miles from Branson, in Heber Springs Arkansas,
    we go there some in our Motor home. we even had a booth in Apple tree mall a while. what we sold did not cover our costs and stuff got dented.
    but we did have a excuse to go more so it worked out ok.
    Keep your experiences coming, you live a interesting life. I plan on part timing.
    Ed pedalcarcoke.com