Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Well here we are the end of the first week in August and the temperatures are holding true for the last month of the summer. We are hitting around the upper 90's and the humidity is right there with it. They say (the weather people) it is suppose to break next week sometime and give us some relief. We'll see!!

The life working here does have its perks. Some of the shows here invite the local area businesses to come to their show for FREE. That's right for free. A couple of nights ago we went to a show called "The Legends in Concert". It is a bunch of performers who are impersonators of famous people. So we saw Little Richard, Brittney Spears, The Blues Brothers, Michael Jackson, a young Elvis and Alan Jackson. By far Alan Jackson , we think, was the best of all. The show was about 2.5 hours long so it made a very long night, but worth it. There is another free show this coming Wednesday but is to mature for Brianne, so we will fore go that show and wait for the next one. We have been told that we can get discounted tickets with our check stub so we will look into that some day.

The work load lately has been busy but no pressure of people renting any rooms or cabins. Tomorrow we have 4 cabins to clean and will start with them first thing. Should get them cleaned before lunch. By our best guess we think there will be about 5 or 6 rooms to clean and the lodge will be empty to the best of our knowledge. Now there is the possibility of some rooms getting rented tonight but we won't know until tomorrow. Joel and Linda have been a get help. They normally take care of the main campground motel and cabins. They only had one room to do today and then they came over to the lodge to help us. They did two rooms and two cabins and then they had to go back to the main campground to finish their laundry. Sherry and I quit cleaning rooms around 3:30 today to catch up on our own laundry. We are almost done with the laundry but there is still tomorrow.

Sherry and I will need to get back with Heidi to see if we can finish up the deal for next season. I am not worried but Roger and Heidi were out of town for their daughter's graduation this past weekend. I am sure we will all get together sometime this week.

Well that seems to be it for now so I need to get Bri to bed and until next time have a good one.


  1. Guess the time for the overcrowding is about over. Hopefully the last "Hoorah" is over and we can slow down a little, well, we can't slow down much more or we will be going backwards. Thanks to you for all the help. We really like working with Y'all...

  2. I keep checking for updates... I really like the ad on this one about dirty toilets, it is an eye catcher...Joel