Friday, August 13, 2010

Close But No Cigar

A couple of days ago our son Chris called and said that he was taking his wife Lauren to the hospital. Lauren is about 7 months pregnant. She was in a lot of pain and we were worried that they may have to take the baby. They did many tests and to find out she had a bad kidney and bladder infection. The baby is fine and they released her yesterday with medication and orders to take it easy. We made arrangements with Heidi just in case we had to take off for Houston. Now that won't be necessary.

Yesterday we went in search of Sherry's parents cemetery. I was there once before over 20 some years ago and didn't remember how to get there and Sherry was not quite sure of the way either. With a little investigation work we were able to find it with no problem.

She told me that her grandparents were also buried next to her mom and dad. The name of the cemetery is "Wrights Cemetery". Just wanted to put the name in there for arguments sake. We had a very nice drive home well to WalMart and finished the day grocery shopping.

We have to go back to work today and Joel and Linda are off today and tomorrow. The weather is still hot and humid but some relief is on the way by this weekend.

I don't have anymore so until next time have a good one.

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