Monday, March 4, 2013

There's a Lot of Change Going On

I know that I haven't posted in a while but there is a reason for that. We have been kinda of busy. To start with we were let go at our last job assignment.

Last Thursday we got a call from the office that they were going to close down our location. I told them that we would not be ready to leave that afternoon and if they could close us down the next morning. The office talked to the boss and he said he was OK with that. That gave us some time to figure out what to do and where to go. We found out that there were no spaces available at the company yard where the office is at. Great now where are we going to go now.

I made some calls to find out that there was an opening at the Gonzales yard. I made contact with the person in charge and he said there was a space available and that we could have it. Good deal, now we have a place to go. It was about 125 miles to get to Gonzales, not a bad drive. We got to the yard and park the trailer just like we knew what we were doing. No problems. There is only one problem being in Gonzales and not at the main yard, "out of sight, out of mind".

Later that day I was able to talk to the person in charge and he said it was very slow around his area. I assured him that things will be picking up. What do I know, it just seemed the right thing to say at the time. Sherry and I talked about our situation and she didn't seem to be worried about it. After setting up we decided to go out for dinner, since this was payday and we haven't gone to the store yet for groceries.

We toured the main drag and there wasn't much around but a Pizza Hut. We decided to eat there for dinner. The place was empty and we had our choice of tables to sit at. The music was very loud and the employees were yelling at each other from across the room. I guess because the music was too loud. We got our food and drink, ate and we left. Probably will never go back there again. Tomorrow I guess we better go shopping.

We all slept in on Saturday, boy it felt good. We got going around 11:30 and went to lunch. After lunch we went looking around Gonzales, small town so it didn't take long. We found a large antique store and went inside to check it out. There was another one next door and we investigated that too. After that there wasn't much open so off to Wal-Mart we go. I wanted to shop for a new TV for the bedroom but no luck. We also need a new bedspread but no luck as well. We got what we needed and took off to HEB, which is a Texas grocery store. We like HEB because they have a large meat department with food sale prices.

We usually shop for two weeks since that's how we get paid, once every two weeks. We have to be careful in what we buy. We have limited freezer space even though we purchased a small fridge with a freezer. What we do is take the food out of the packaging for more room. If we need the instructions on one item we will cut them out and tape them to the inside of the cabinet door.

On Sunday we went to lunch and then went to look for some RV parks around the area. We found them but nobody was in the office to get information. We also needed to find a laundromat so we can do some washing. Bingo we found one. Now the next day we can do laundry, Oh Joy!!!

Here it is Monday now and still nothing. Again I am not worried but still waiting. I got up early this morning and drinking my coffee. I got dressed and took the dog out for his walk and came back in. Sherry is up now and so is Brianne. As I am drinking my coffee the phone rang and noticed that it was from around here. The man in charge told me of a job that came open and if we wanted it, I said yes. Yahoo we have a job. We finalized some details and we started to pack up.

The man in charge showed up at the yard and we talked about where the location was at. He didn't know but was taking the equipment out to the site and he would call me when he got there. He called us and we made final directions and we were on our way. When we got there he positioned his trailers in place and then we started to do our thing. We placed the trailer where we needed to, leveled, unhooked and BAM we are done. I helped our guy out by hooking up a few things for him and he finished up and left.

I started to check everything and found out that the water pump wasn't working. I called our guy and he returned with a new water pump, installed and works. Everything is now going good.

Tomorrow we will start to check license plates as we were told that the traffic will start in increase much more. We still don't know how long we will be here but it is a job and we like it.

Until Next Time.............................Be Safe.



  1. Glad you folks got a job so quickly! Sorry we missed you when we were in Choke Canyon. We spent a year in Gonzales county and really liked it there. Hope all is going well. If you work with Jr - tell him Heidi and Debbie say "hi"! :D

  2. Thanks for the comment. We are working with JR and he is a nice guy. I kinda like it in this neck of the woods, something different. Take care and I hope you continue reading my blog.