Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The New Floor

I must admit this was not an easy job. I mean it was easy putting the floor together but the up and down and on your knees about killed me. I am still pleased how it all turned out. What I thought I would do is just post pictures with some added comments, so let's get started.

Time to get the old carpet out.

UH OH, had a few boo boos along the way. The one on the forearm was a scratch from one of the staples in the carpet and the index finger was cut from the razor blade. That one really hurts.

Carpet all but gone and pulling up the last few staples. They really wanted to make sure that carpet wasn't going anywhere.

Time to start the flooring.

This was one of my challenges, trying to cut a curve and lay it under the slide. Not too bad, what do you think?

Almost there.

I have to apologize for not have taken any pictures of the final product but I will later on. On to the bedroom.

The toughest part of the whole floor was the angles and getting them right. As you can see the angle around the shower was quite the challenge.

The flooring going down and all but finished. Once again I will post pics of the finished floor.

What is left to do still is put flooring on and around the step to the bedroom and a few trim pieces. For Christmas I got Sherry one of those robotic floor cleaners and it works great.

In case you would like to do this yourself the tools I used was a chop saw, battery operated drill, circular saw and a jig saw.

You can do this job yourself but if your back and knees give you trouble I would opt for someone else to do it.

Until Next Time..........................Be Safe.

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