Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Back At Work

Well the holidays are over, rang in the New Year watching a movie and spent time with the kids and grand kids. Now it is time to go back to work. Due to the weather we extended our stay in Tomball by a week or so. We just didn't want to drive in the rain if we didn't have to.

We left Tomball last Friday under beautiful skies and no rain. We drove to a state park just north of Gonzales, TX called Palmetto State Park. We really liked this park with a lot of trees and spacious sites. The price was very reasonable at only 18 dollars a night for water and electric. We left the next day and drove to our office to see if they had any jobs for us.

All of the sites were taken so the boss said that we could park next to the office building. We got settled and the boss said that he might have a place for us on Monday. Not too far from the office which is good because we can have our mail delivered and pick up our check there as well.

On Sunday we went into town to get some groceries and stuff. We had lunch and headed back to the trailer. Early Monday morning I woke up to find out that we had no power. I checked the circuit breakers and they were fine. We were far enough from the building that I had to use two extension cords for the trailer. The extension cords that I mentioned were the 30 amp RV type cords. I usually don't like to use them but I guess you have to do what you have to do.

Once I realized that the circuit breakers were fine, I got dressed and went outside to check the box and it was good as well. Then I checked the connections to the cords and sure enough the one plug coming from the trailer was burnt.

OK now what?? Last April I remembered that we went to an RV store and I picked up some cord plugs. I used one of them to repair an extension cord (I have two of them) and the other I put in storage. Now I just have to remember where I put the damn thing. Oh yea I remember, it's in a box under the trailer. I hunted for the plug end and found it. While I was making the repair the lady from the office told me that we would need to be ready to leave for our assignment in about an hour. I got Sherry up and she started to pack up on the inside.

I was finishing up with the repair and came inside to get some coffee and warm up. After the repair I started to do my thing on the outside. Things went smoothly and we were ready to leave only to be 15 minutes behind schedule. We were to follow one of the workers to the location. I guess he forgot that we were pulling a fifth wheel because we lost him a few times, luckily I was somewhat familiar with the area.

We found our location and talked to the couple that we were releaving. They gave us some info about the site and they left. I surveyed the area and proceeded to park the trailer. There were a few adjustments that I made but nailed the trailer exactly where I wanted it. We are level and stable on a pea gravel type pad. Very happy.

The couple told us that this site is very quiet with only a small handful of license plates to check, not bad, now I have some time to get the floor finished.

By the way, that will be my next post with pictures (hopefully). So............

Until Next Time.....................Be Safe.

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