Monday, September 17, 2012

In All His Glory

Our current job puts us right in the middle of the South Texas desert. We are pretty close to nowhere but not too far from anywhere. Outside our front door lies a rood which takes you back to civilization, which is about 35 miles.

We have seen many roadrunners, bunny rabbits and even coyotes, but no rattlesnakes as of yet. When we compare our last job to this one we don't have to deal with all the dust from the road but still have to contend with the rain.

Yesterday was a very soggy day. The rain started about ten in the morning and didn't stop until five or so. I was able to pull the awning out to keep dry as when I would be inspecting vehicles for proper license plates and such. I didn't have to many to inspect because of the rain. An easy day.

With everything said about our jobs and all the misery that surrounds them it is nice to see something surprising.

This place is pretty barren, small trees or very large bushes, sticker plants and no color, just brown. When I walked out the door this morning I was very surprised to see this little flower. I thought to myself how wonderful to see this little beauty in the middle of nowhere.

God's graces are all around us if we just take time to look. I know I will start looking a bit more often.

Until next Time......................Be Safe.

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