Sunday, September 16, 2012

BRRRRR......It's Cold In Here!

Here in the near future we all might being saying this. This past summer's heat I would think we are all looking forward to this winter. At least I am, I am having dreams of wearing a coat. Some people may not like the cold at all and therefore must have heat to keep them comfortable.

Do you like to go camping in the late fall or winter? If you do then you better check out your furnace before you take off. There is nothing more miserable than to get where you want to be and turn on the furnace and have no heat.

My experience with furnaces go way back to our first motor home. We bought it knowing that the fan didn't work on the furnace. I bought a fan for it and replaced it and the furnace worked fine. The next problem occurred in our travel trailer. The fan worked but no heat. A friend of mine and I pulled the furnace out and discovered that the electrode was covered by a mud dobber. Basically no spark. The last problem happened when we purchased our fifth wheel that we have now. Once again the fan worked but no heat. I pulled the furnace out and found that the circuit board was bad. I replaced the circuit board and now we have heat.

The basic operation of the furnace goes something like this:

  1. Set your thermostat to the desired temp.
  2. The furnace fan will start to clear any propane in the area.
  3. The burner will light and you will have heat.
Propane is used to give you heat in your RV. Your furnace uses the most propane in your RV. So if you like it warm and toasty then you will be using bunches of propane. Once the thermostat calls for heat propane will start to flow into the burner and will ignite by way of a spark. The burner area is the heart of the furnace where the air is heated and forced out into your trailer.

You may or may not have a CO (Carbon Monoxide) detector in your unit. If you don't have one, get one. As propane burns it produces CO and this can kill you. The furnace has an exhaust that vents outside your trailer. If your burner is cracked it can leak CO into your trailer and kill you. You will pass out and never wake up. This will ruin your day.

If you are a handy person with tools and have common sense then you can make repairs on your own. All I do is research the model of the furnace that I have and read up on it. Make logical decisions and go for it. It sure pays off in the long run. On the other hand you can always take it to a repair shop and have them fix it. Its just a choice and what you are comfortable with. Myself on the other hand don't have that option do to the fact of where we are and what we are doing at this job.

I hope that I have given you some incite to the operation of a typical furnace. So stay warm this winter and enjoy the cold or heat, depending on how you look at it.

Until Next Time............................Be Safe.

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