Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ever Have One of Those Days???

I am sure the obvious answer is yes!!! Now I am not going to whine and cry to you all but just state the facts, ma'am, just the facts. I had to throw that one in there. Who remembers the show??

Ok on with it. We left Dickinson yesterday and drove to a state park called Somerville. They have two parks on each side of the lake and we are at the Nails Creek Park.

When we arrived there was no one at the office. We thought that was strange because at every state park we been to the office was always open. The sign on the door said "Out to Lunch." So we went on to look for sites. We found one that had some decent shade trees and started to back into it.

The temps outside had to be reaching into the upper 90's by now and after about 4 or 5 trys I decided to end it and see if anybody was in the office and ask if we can switch to their other park. Now I can hold my own when it comes to backing into a site, I don't claim to be an expert at it but I knew I could do it. The heat outside was pretty intense and I didn't want Sherry in the heat anymore than she had to be.

We discussed our delema with the office and they offered the camp host site which was a pull through and it had sewer. If we took the site, and we did, it was only $20 a night instead of the normal $16 a night. We still have afternoon sun on the driver's side of the trailer but it will do.

What we do now is as soon as we are level and Sherry starts to bring down the front legs I go and connect the electric power and start the air conditioner inside. This way the trailer starts to cool off some before Sherry goes inside to do her thing, whatever that is. I am going to have learn what she does.

As soon as I plugged in and flipped the breaker it TRIPPED!! Damn what the hell happened. A couple of trips back I had to put on a new plug end and I thought something happened inside the plug, sure enough it did. The white wire came loose and was touching the black. I started the repair and boy I was sweating up a storm. Bri and Sherry are in the truck trying to stay cool while I was outside until Sherry came out to find out what I was doing. I told her what had happened and she started to help me and noticed how sweaty I was. She told me to go to the truck and drink some water and cool off some. I told I was almost done and wanted to plug it in and see if the a/c would come on.

Well it didn't, so I got out my meter to test the box to see if it had power and it didn't. I called the office and they sent somebody out to check it and she said the breaker in the building may have tripped. Sure enough it did and the a/c started right away when I flipped the breaker on. YIPPEE!! The building next door to us is a brand new bath house which is great since I like taking showers at the places we visit. Just something different. After finally getting set up and the satillite working, got to have that, we decided to check out that great bath house.

Sherry and Bri checked out the womens and of course I checked out the mens. To my surprise I found an unwelcome guest in the urnial. Have a look.

And later when I went back to take the above picture I found this little guy by the door.

After having a run in with one of these little fellows before I think I will change my mind about taking a shower in this bath house. As they say, "Been there, Done that".

I need to take you back to last Friday when the most unthinkable thing to happen to you, did happen to us.      THE COMPUTER WAS INFECTED AND WE LOST EVERYTHING.

We went and bought a new computer but I am going to keep the other one and try to fix it, what's the worst that can happen, the hard drive takes a dump, it already did, oh well poo poo happens.

So Until Next Time...........................Be Safe.

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