Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What To Do, Where To Go and The Tree

This full-time RV lifestyle is great but it does have some problems of its own. Being forced into retirement early, I never thought that I would be faced with a problem of "Where to go and what to do?"

We are here in Fredericksburg, Texas now up to this Friday. The park that we are at is nice but very, very close together. There are trees around which makes the sites skinny. When we pulled in I had to place the door side tires almost on the concrete patio just so we could bring the slide out. This left only about six inches before the slide would hit the tree. It is quiet but next time we will request a site more conducive to us.

Speaking of trees, a few posts back when Sherry drove the truck and trailer for the first time we went to a park that day and started to back in. After adjusting a few times I ended up very close to a tree on the driver's side. I think overall we were only about two inches from it. Sherry was worried about it especially when we pull out and if we will hit it.

Well guess what, I DID! Here's my thought on pulling out next to a tree. I wanted to pull out and go right. I figured if I can get the tires just past the tree I could start making my turn to the right. Well that theory didn't work out so well. Sherry was outside yelling at me to stop but like an idiot I had the window up, a/c on high, and the radio on low. Needless to say I couldn't hear her.

Now for the damages. My city water connection was ripped out and the trailer has some bad scratches on the side. I was able to fix the city water connection and learned that when you have the water pump on and start to disconnect the city water connection water will start to flow out of the connection. In the city water line there is a one way check valve which allows the water to stop at the city connection. More lessons learned, when close to a tree you can not start to turn in either direction until the back of the trailer has cleared the tree.

The park we are at now I face the same problem again. This time I have to turn left to pull out and make sure that I clear the tree. I guarantee you this,  I will not be hitting any trees. Once I clear the trees I will have to go down to another empty site and back in to that one just so I can turn around to get out of this place.

We like to stay at state parks here in Texas but are finding out that they are filling up fast. So we will have to get creative about where we want to go. As we wind down our vacation I am trying to plan to get back to the Houston area for a doctor's appointment in August. After that if the plans hold up we would like to visit Corpus Cristi as our last hurray and then head back to the gate guarding thing. If any of you have any suggestions please let us know.

So until next time.........................................Be Safe!

P.S. Today is Sherry's Birthday............................Happy Birthday Honey, I Love You!

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