Tuesday, June 19, 2012

There's Another Driver In Town

Awhile back, I think we were in Lubbock, I was setting up and grabbed one of the bags for the leveling blocks. To my surprise there was a scorpion in it and I got stung twice on my right thumb. Boy did that hurt. I have never been stung by anything before, not even a bee.

We called the CDC and they recommended soaking my thumb in bleach and water diluted of course. I took some aspirin for the pain, it didn't work, and went back to setting up. The pain lasted into the next day and then went away all together. I told Sherry that at least it happened to me and not her or Bri. She commented back to me and said,"That's not good. If anything happens to you we are stuck until you get better." I started to think about it and she was right. I also thought it's time for her to learn how to drive the truck and pull the trailer.

We were at the county park this past week and I told her that she will be pulling out and driving around the parking lot. I figured this would be a great place for her first time. It was big enough and had some up and down hill parts in the road.

She got in the driver's seat and adjusted her mirrors and proceeded to pull out into the parking lot. She started out slowly and came to her first stop and made a left. She made the turn and started to go down hill. She applied the brakes and noticed that it takes a long time to stop. After the first time around the park she said she wanted to do it again, and so she did.

We came to a large part of the parking lot and I wanted her to try to back the trailer into an area. I got out of the truck and went to the back and she started to back up, then I stopped her. She almost jack-knife the truck. She pulled forward and continued backwards. At one point when backing she said, "I lost the trailer in the mirror." She continued backing and adjusting the truck and trailer until I told her to stop and get out and look where she was. The trailer was straight and right on the mark. Good job Babe!

She was a little nervous but has better feel for what is behind us. When we were talking about it I told her that driving on the interstate is easier than driving in the city. The next thing to teach her is what I do while driving, when to down shift, when to kick it out of overdrive, that sort of thing.  There's one thing that I won't teach her and that is how to hit a tree.

So Until Next Time.......................Be Safe.

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  1. Way to go Sherry!!! You go girl :-)
    Vicky Heron