Sunday, March 20, 2011

Water Problems and Then Some


Well I'm back. Amazing huh! I titled this post "Water Problems" because we had many water issues this past winter.

It all started back in Branson when the floor in the toilet area was wet. I went to investigate and found that the vacuum break valve was leaking. At first I thought it was the seal at the floor leaking. I had to replace that one once before. But that was not the problem. When we got to Houston I was able to get the new part and no more wet floor. Not for long.

Before we left Arizona we started to notice that the toilet started to back up. I am trying to figure out how a 3 inch diameter hole can be plugged up? None the less it was. I could plunge the toilet and the clog would go down. In the mean time I kept noticing that around the toilet was still wet. How can this be?! Nothing was leaking. So I thought.

I took the toilet off and noticed that the floor flange was cracked. So every time that I would plunge it would force water through the crack. Now replacing the floor flange doesn't seem like a problem but purchasing the right one is the question. There are 3 different types of flanges to choose from. Not sure which one I have. So we kept towels around the toilet to soak up the excess water.

Now in Houston we started to figure out what could be clogging up the toilet. We changed the TP we used and it still plugged up. We ran water and a snake down the vent tube and the plug was still there. All the while plunging and forcing water onto the floor. More towels please. Finally we tried some Foaming Liquid Plumber along with some boiling water and that seemed to do the trick. No more plug. It must have been a massive one because it even plugged up the valve when I was dumping and flushing the tank. I was able to tap on the pipe and away it went.

I have a flushing system on this trailer so I hook up a hose outside and the flushing begins. What I didn't know is that the piping goes through and under the bathroom sink. Guess what, water leak at a connection under the sink. I tightened that one and no more leaks there. 

What else could leak.......?????......How about the hot water tank??? You guessed it there is a small leak at the tank which is under the kitchen sink. Tightened this one and there is still a small dribble, more towels please. I think I have covered the water problems so far so until next time be safe.

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  1. Hey Nick, I don't envy your water leak problems. They are sometimes hard to find and also hard to fix..Glad you had a great Christmas...