Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Holidays With The Kids

When we left Arizona we headed towards the Houston Texas area. We used to live north of Houston in a small town called Tomball. This is a good central location to the rest of our kids. We arrived on December 9th, got set up and later that night our son and his family showed up. Our son, Chris and his wife Lauren recently had a baby girl. This was the first time we got to see the new addition. Her name is Jordyn and of course the cutest baby you have seen.

As the Grandfather I do have some privileges like teaching her how to stick out her tongue. Very cool. Now Sherry got all the baby time she wanted since they were only about five minutes from where we were staying.

The first family gathering was the following Sunday where we all gathered at our oldest daughter's place to celebrate some birthdays. You see in December we have mine, our son's and our eldest daughter. We all had a good time and this was the first time that the kids saw that I pierced my ear. Some liked it and some didn't. Oh well I like it.

Christmas Eve is the Lambros get together, when all the families gather to share and open gifts. It is great to see all the kids and grandkids open their gifts. Mel and Spencer's little one seems to be quite the shy one but she started to warm up to us later on.

We had one more gathering before we left which was a picnic. Great weather and food. We had planned games for the little ones and they all had a good time. Good family time with everyone.

Well until next time be safe. 

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