Sunday, July 25, 2010

Well here it is Sunday, July 25th already. I can't believe that we have been on the road and living in the trailer for about 7 months now. Some would think that with 3 people living in such small quarters that we would be getting on each others nerves. We all have our spaces and there seems to be plenty of room.

The weather for today says that we will be getting some rain. That's fine with me as long as it cools off for a bit. The temps have been around the lower to mid 90's with high humidity. I like when I have two days off, I don't have to sweat that much.

I should be grateful that I can come home from work to an air conditioned trailer. We got to know another couple here named Daniel and Rachel. They keep the bathrooms clean. They live in a tent. No a/c but only a fan. I haven't heard the whole story but Hurricane Katrina did their house in and later Daniel lost his job. They are in good spirits and are looking for a Pop-Up.

Thursday night was our pot luck dinner. The theme was that you had to bring a dish that started with the first letter of your last name. So since our last name is Lambros we brought "Lemon cake". We had a good mix of food and the managers provided us with steaks. The owner's last name began with the letter S so he brought fried Spam. I was going to try it but darn it it was all gone. Thank God. Overall it was a pleasant evening and we all stuffed ourselves.

Joel and Linda were off Friday and Saturday, the work load busy but not too bad. Today is going to be the kicker. Almost every room has been rented and they are all checking out today. That means about 20 plus rooms need total cleaning. Now Sherry and I can clean one from start to finish in about 30 minutes, now you do the math. Joel and Linda with be taking care of the main campground motel and they will busy over there.

We just have to concentrate on the turn arounds and the rooms the will be rented for Monday. If we can at least get that done we can work on the other rooms at a later date. This also includes the cabins as well.

Maybe I should explain what I am talking about.
Refresh: Go in collect and put new towels as needed, make the beds, empty the trash.
Turn Around: This means that one guest is checking out that day and another is checking in same day. These have to be done first.
Arrivals: The easy ones means some one is checking in that day and make sure the room is prepared for them.

I think that I have caught you up now. Well it won't be long now that I have to wake the family to get started on this day. So until next time have a good one.


  1. Good explanation of the rooms we do Nick. Guess I figured everyone would know what I meant when I used the terms refresh and turnaround!!

  2. Boy are we behind!...Glad you guys got out of "That Place" Virginia and are back in the groove.....So glad things are much smoother!