Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hi there. It has been a couple of weeks now so I better let you know what's been happening

Since I last posted we have had some changes here in the house keeping area. Just in one week we have had two couples leave and head back home. Now that just leaves Joel and Linda and us to do the house keeping.

Here is Joel and Linda. Not a bad picture if I do say so myself. We also had a schedule change as well. We are off on Wednesday and Thursdays and Joel and Linda are off on Friday and Saturdays. Not a bad setup because most of the check outs occur on Sunday and all four of us will be on then.

We were off yesterday and went to go pick up our new sign. Unfortunately it was wrong. Instead of the apostrophe being after the "S" he placed it before the "S". He made it like this "Lambro's" Sooooo Wrong. The maker was out to lunch so we decided to have lunch as well and wait for him to get back. While having lunch he called me and I told him that it was incorrect and that it needed to be fixed. I also told hem that we will be back next week to pick it up. We were disappointed.

I have a few pictures of the area that I would like to post here.

We went and did some shopping and I think Sherry said that she has completed one of the grand kids gifts. Cool get that Christmas shopping done early. Way to go Babe. We decided to try this one Mexican restaurant just down the street for dinner. It was not bad, we both had mixed fajitas and they were good. We probably will be back.

Today we will be grocery day so off to WalMart. Joel calls it the $100 dollar store. Good one Joel, you're right.

Tonight we have the Campground pot luck dinner. We are looking forward to it. I will need to remember to take my camera.

I almost forgot. A couple of days ago Sherry found a large copperhead snake near a tree by the parking lot. I call Roger on the radio and asked if he had a plan for snakes and he said he did. He showed up with Robert and a .22 rifle. Robert killed the snake and boy he was big and fat. We think he got done eating and was taking a nap or something. Now we have to be on the look out for snakes.

Well I think that about wraps it up so until next time have a good one.

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