Monday, April 4, 2011

Started Work and Keeping Busy

Hi There,

Well like I said before we like our site and we try to fix it up to our liking.  We hung a string of rope lights around the picnic cover and looks pretty good. Sherry got out her wingchimes and stuff so we hung them up as well. I set up my barbeque area and I am thinking that I may need a new table top barbeque. Oh well Father's Day is not to far off.

It didn't take long before Roger and Heidi put us to work. We started on a Monday with getting the Motel rooms ready to rent. Now to start with we are only working 4 hours a day until mid April, then we go to full time. Next we went to the two cabins to outfit them and ready to rent and boy it sure didn't take long before the two cabins and a few motel rooms were rented that following weekend. A couple of weeks ago some help arrived. She is a single lady by the name of Maureen. Our schedules are different so we only get to work with her on Fridays for now but I am sure that will change. She is very energenic and is eager to work. This past weekend we had one cabin, all five motel rooms and the big house rented. Maureen has been off since Saturday so Sherry and I were able to get the motel cleaned, the big house and cabin done but we still had a room left over at the lodge to do, so Maureen will do that one tomorrow.

On our off days we usually do the necessary things like grocery and laundry but that's not all we do. We have checked out our favorite second hand stores and craft stores. We did get to go to a magic show. We have never been to a live magic show before but let me tell you it was very good and Bri got a real big kick out of it.

A couple of day ago we were driving around and we stumbled onto the fish hatchery. This is located at Table Rock Dam.

At the hatchery they breed Rainbow Trout which is released through out the state. Some of the fish are really big like this one.

How's that for a fish on the end of your pole? Let me give you a picture to show you just how big this fish is.

Pretty big fish don't you think?? Bri had a good time and it was very educational.

Well I don't have much more so until next time be safe.

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  1. WOW, we have been to the hatchery but don't remember the fish being that big!! Bri hasn't changed, glad she is getting interested in the travels. Hope your new helper works out good for you!!!