Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gearing Up for the Season

Well so far it has been pretty busy around here for us. Sherry and I have been trying to get all the rooms open at the lodge but not quite finished yet. We still have four more to go and then the lodge will be completely open, all 25 rooms.

This year the management team has decided to outfit all 10 cabins with sheets and towels. Now over at the main park there are 2 cabins and there are no issues as far as towels and sheets but over at the North Park, where we have 8 cabins, we have a shortage of towels. We finished cleaning, putting up towel racks and placed all the sheets in the cabins. They are ready to go and we will put the towels in when they become rented. We were told that we will get more towels down the road. No worries.

We had to turn the water on to some of the cabins yesterday and there were no leaks or busted pipes. Sherry and Bri went to clean them and I was cleaning up leaves with a leaf blower. Once all gathered up there was mountains of leaves. You would think what's the problem? We have had some rain so the leaves were wet and hard to move but I managed to get it done by the time Sherry and Bri finished, good timing.

The weather around here has been crazy. At least once a week for the past several weeks we have experienced severe weather. We have had hard rain, bad winds, and tornado watches. Now I grew up in Phoenix and never been through a tornado, not that I would want to. When we lived in Houston we went through a few hurricanes, most memorable was Hurricane Ike. Let me think about this...........Tornadoes and a Fifth Wheel RV Trailer..........
I don't think that is a good combination. What do you think???? Well one of the downsides of Full time RVing. We are expecting more severe weather sometime today so I will take the necessary precautions.

We have had more help arrive this past week. The couple that will take care of the bath houses have arrived, one couple that will help in the office and maintenance are here and both couples will start this coming Wednesday. One couple that was here last year arrived a few days ago and they are Bobby and Maggie. They are parked here with us at the North Park as the other couples are parked at the main park.

I can't think of anything else, I am sure there is more, so until next time be safe.

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