Saturday, March 23, 2013

An Interesting March

It appears that this year we get to travel from one job to another. I don't have a problem with that but we are not used to this much travelling when we are suppose to be working. Let me recap for you.

It all started on March 1st, which by the way was our payday. The gate we were at was closed down and the guys came by in the morning to pick up the equipment. The day before we made arrangements to go to the Gonzales yard and off we went. We stopped by the main office to get our check first. We pulled into Gonzales and set up. We were worried that being in Gonzales that we might not get any jobs, but that didn't last long.

On Monday the 4th we received a call that there was a gate opening up and we took it. We didn't know how long we would be there but we were working. It wasn't far from Gonzales only about 30 miles or so. It was a nice place and we were level in an area of some grass. On Friday the 8th, our service guy called to tell us that the gate was being closed. I asked him if our spot was still opened at the yard and he said it was. So we took off again back to Gonzales.

We were in Gonzales for over a week now and there isn't much to do their. It's a nice town but maybe two days and you have seen it all.  Saturday evening, the 16th, we were asked about going back to the same gate that we were just at again. Once again the day before was payday and we needed to go shopping for groceries. Our guy told us that we needed to be there the next morning so Sherry and I decided to go shopping after dinner. Sunday the 17th we were off to familiar grounds. We didn't know how long we were going to be there this time but we didn't think it was going to be long. Well we were right, Wednesday the 20th we were informed that they were closing us down again.

This time the phone call had a bit of a twist to it. The office told us that there will be a gate opening on Friday and to head to their yard in Karnes City. OK not a problem and off we went. This trip was a bit farther to get to but we made it with no problems. I talked to the service guy there and he said that he would get together with me the next day and give me the details. He never showed up Thursday evening but did show up on Friday morning. Now it's Friday the 22nd and we were packed up and ready to go by 9am. The location wasn't far, maybe 10 miles but the dirt road we had to take seemed longer, very bad bumpy road. After we got all set up I had to go back into town to the post office to set up a general delivery for our mail. As I right this, it is Saturday morning the 23rd and we think we will be here for awhile. I just have that feeling.

As you can see this month of March has been very interesting. There is one thing that we have learned is that we can break down and have the trailer hooked to the truck and ready to go in about an hour and a half. If that is any constellation.

Until Next Time............................Be Safe.

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